Quadrant 2 (Q2) Consulting is a boutique Australian company of highly experienced professionals who specialise in varied service projects.  Our team have a broad range of backgrounds from the financial sector, housing and development through to security.  This broad range of experience allows our team to bring many benefits to your next project. 

We focus on building long term relationships with our customers and their staff.  Our philosophy not only involves ensuring that you get the project outcomes required but also we help your team develop capabilities. Our reputation is most important to us. 


Our motto is "think, plan, do". It is the way we approach all our projects. First we think about what our client need to achieve from the project. Next we plan the best way to get there. Once we have agreed the best way forward with our client, only then do we start work. 

Initially, it may seem slower, but in our experience, overall the project will be faster and more likely to be successful. Many projects fail due to inadequate planning. Planning is a step that is often skipped or rushed. Thinking is an activity that is barely recognised in project methodologies.In our opinion, thinking is a critical first step to ensure the success of any project.